“Wait, so does that mean I have MS?”

“No, no, I’m not saying that,  you’ll have to talk to the Doctor.”

I breathe in deeply and wrestle with pressing her, “oh, okay, I guess.”

I breathe out.

That is how I found out that I have MS.

No fanfare, not even a faint drumroll in the distance.

I knew it all along…MS would be the outcome…I had been ignoring the inner voice that kept whispering the news to me.

That conversation above happened three weeks ago.  Yikes.  This is really happening.

Since then I have found a new doctor…had additional bloodwork drawn…and signed up for Copaxone…prepping myself for daily injections.

Enter stage right – I am now on my MS journey.


18 thoughts on “whaaaat?

  1. Welcome to the club! From what I know of you, you will be fine and you will come out on top!!!:) Stay strong and remain positive:) xo

  2. I beg to differ slightly: you are on Erin’s journey. MS is just a traveling companion. 🙂

    Beautifully re-enacted and articulated. You are definitely writer material. When do I get my copy?

    Love, light and magic,


  3. And an amazing one you are! Such an inspiration, Erin. Love how you are beginning to serve, even with this blog. You will touch and bless many. I speak from experience. xo

  4. I have to agree with Pedro B. This is Erin’s journey, with a companion. We’re all in one with different types of companions. Looks to me like there’s a miracle already on the works with your writting. I see new doors opening for you my dear. Love yourself no matter what. : )

  5. oh… Erin Erin Erin…. I am dumbfounded…

    I love the way you write… it’s like the way you talk. You are amazing! I’ve always admired your strength.

  6. Erin, great great stuff here. I am so glad you are writing this. Your voice is so clear. You are taking us inside of your journey and I for one am glad to be there! Thank you.

  7. Can’t wait either for next summer:) you may see me before then, I had mentioned to Deb that I might come back for a week or so early in the new year! Hope all is well:) xo

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