now the pressure is on…

…to continue blogging.

what to write about next, and more importantly…how do I not put pressure on myself?  HA!  like I have never NOT been able to do that!  I’m supposed to reduce my stress according to the experts.  something that I will have to learn to do.  stress can exacerbate my lesions.  so, if I understand this correctly, my lesions are depending on my ability to manage my stress.  sure, that’s not stressful at all.

well, since I started this to write about my MS adventures…I might as well continue…let’s call this the official start date, shall we?

so what’s happening with my MS today?

my legs are still buzzing away like I’m dialed into a fully charged EV battery.

I have what is called L’hermitte’s Sign, also known as the Barber Chair Phenomenon for those of us who don’t speak French.  there’s a very technical way to determine if you possess this sign – bend your neck forward.  did you feel the buzzing increase?  YEAH!  You’ve got L’hermittes!

also, I have discovered that when my core body temp increases – the buzzing amplifies.  the buzzing wears me out, but I’ve gotten used to it – I’ll probably miss it when it’s gone.  haven’t tried a jacuzzi yet, but that’s on my list for this weekend…along with a bike ride attempt with Tim…I hope!  a restoratives yoga class sounds more up my alley…

L’hermitte’s is a very common MS phenomenon.  weird, huh?  I had dinner with Deb last week…we walked over to the restaurant, which took a total of five minutes.  my legs wouldn’t settle down for a good 15 minutes while I was looking down at the menu and cocktail list.

my balance is still a bit tricky to manage.  one of my supervisors (before he knew what was going on) said that I was starting to walk like Jack Sparrow…and still the rum was always gone.  but what’s even more weird about this whole experience, is that I can literally feel my brain.  there must be some existential work I can do when that happens.  huh.  kinda sorta reminds me of my first episode when my left eye stopped working.  having double vision was like looking at things through a Picasso painting, during his Cubist period.

sooo…today’s highlight: my insurance authorized my prescription for Copaxone!  Yeah!  the needles will arrive tomorrow, so I have to be home when UPS shows up.  apparently, they’re not keen on leaving a bunch of syringes alone on my front porch.  not sure when the MS nurse will be able to come by to show me how to do the injections…but since I need to monitor my stress level, I’m already planning on a glass of cab, lit candles, a fire gently burning, and reiki music softly playing in the background…it will be a perfect evening…

Oh…I also gave a large donation to the MS Society.  keep y’all posted…writing this is already making me feel more relaxed.  namaste, friends.  xo


4 thoughts on “now the pressure is on…

  1. Erin I had no idea that you were going thru this. I did notice you were a little quiet lately. I know what trooper you are and you’re positive attitude will get you thru this journey. Loved the writing! Love you girl!

  2. Wow, what a weird sensation the buzzing must be. I guess we are all full of electrical connections, and we notice it when they misfire slightly. I was intrigued about what you said about feeling your brain. “say more”? Love you and admire you.

    • love you too, Les.
      oh, my brain. well – it could be a psychosomatic thing, but I swear that I can feel it move! never felt that before. it happens when I try to access my right brain. 🙂

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