24 hours and counting…

…until I give myself my first injection.

I received all the goods this morning.  the syringes are resting quietly in the fridge.

talked to the nurse coming round tomorrow night to demonstrate and supervise.  I hope she’s nice.  she kind of giggled when I gave her our password to get into our complex.

got the low down from someone @ work on self-injections.  that helped.

vaccumed when I got home.  good stress reliever.

was annoyed at my husband when he got home, for unknown reasons.  I apologized.

watched the how-to video while my husband made dinner.  not quite sure how I managed that.

gulp.  I can do this.

PS.  I hope that someday this will be of service to someone just like me or you.  I’m pulling apart all the questions and fears that I had before my MS companion showed up.



6 thoughts on “24 hours and counting…

  1. My beloved 3rd daughter – you will take everything thrown at you in your stride. Lots and lots of love from Marianne xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Yep, you can do this. You are doing this. First step, next step…each at its own pace. Love that you’re writing your story, just as you knew you would. And beyond the blog, when you’re ready, dozens more stories to tell. Looking forward to them all. You’re just getting that voice warmed up! :-).

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