…the nurse had to reschedule.

tomorrow night is the new night.

great, so I get to be anxious all day tomorrow as well. or not.  I choose not.

there are worse things in the world.

just heard that the worst massacre in OC history, happened today.  down the street on PCH…at a salon, where people were taking a break from the chaos of daily life.

my heart breaks for the families of those involved.  the police caught the dude who did it.  apparently it was because of a divorce.

you guys have no idea how much you are helping.  thank you.

hope you all have a good night.




4 thoughts on “disappointed…

  1. Well, tomorrow’s another day! Always hard when something you look forward to/dread is put off. It will be fine. And, just want you to know that everybody is cheering for you.

  2. Just talked to my Dad the other day and he shared your news with me. Jenny and I have been thinking about you a lot. I’d really like to talk with you and just check in. We are 100% in the “cheering for you” camp.

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