as you may have noticed from yesterday’s post, I’m processing…and watching my thoughts…most of the time.  😉

both top priorities for me these days.

I was on a Copaxone sponsored patient conference call tonight, and reality is sinking in.  though it was a great call. lots of stories, some like mine, some not.  some hurt.  others inspired

topic was sleep.  or lack thereof.

conclusion: I need more sleep and less stress in my life.  both of which I can control.  most of the time – ha!

shots have been a tad painful.  tonight my brilliant husband gave me a tip while watching me prep to inject my right thigh.

don’t push so hard on your auto-inject, baby!

simple.  still hurts though as the meds make their way around, but the initial injection is much easier.

not looking forward to tomorrow night’s shot.  I still have a lump on my tum from last week’s injection.

that’s all I got tonight.

PS. I have joined the Carnival of MS Bloggers! amazing stories out in blog-land.  I can only hope to be as good as others.  some stories are like mine, some not.  most are inspiring.


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