it’s my life.  it’s now or never.  jon bon jovi.

in my Martha Beck life coach training, I learned all about thought work and turnarounds.

turnarounds jog your brain, giving you a different way of looking at things going on in your life…specifically things that are troubling you…and as a result you develop new neural pathways and changes in your “normal” way of thinking.

so you can feel better and accept reality!

turnarounds are hard!  you have to work at them, over and over again.  hire a coach trained in The Work, and you’ll see.  harder than a positive affirmation or mantra.  I have those down pat.  for you peeps out there, Jenny McCarthy is a fan of The Work.

today, I reached a small turnaround.  turtle steps.

original thought:  I feel like I’m going crazy I’m so wound up all the time.

turnaround:  I’m not going crazy.  I am experiencing what lots of other MS peeps have.  and that’s okay.

evidence to support my turnaround:  NorthWestern researchers in neuropsychology have found that many (in fact most) MS patients feel like they have been going crazy until the final diagnosis!

then the crazy is replaced with momentary relief – “I’m not going crazy, it’s MS!  YEAH!”

unfortunately, that newfound relief is usually short-lived and replaced with anxiety for approximately six months-two years…of ups and downs as the reality of an unpredictable life sinks in.

the new normal takes time.

someone said to me today…life wouldn’t be fun if it was predictable.  umm…yeah!

I got a hug from a coworker today just when I needed one.  that was unpredictable.  and, it felt so good.  she has been following my blog without me even knowing!  and then someone gave me lavender oil to help me sleep. again, unpredictable!  love that.

starting to lean into the unknown.

get this>>>apparently, peeps who receive a more dire prognosis (with a finite conclusion) than what MS has to offer (unknown), fare better emotionally than MS patients.  huh?

that hurts my brain.



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