perfect day.

today was a perfect day.

the lavender oil worked!!  full night’s sleep…perfect rest last night.

I know I didn’t wake up.  I dreamed.

work was easy with no hint of stress.  I laughed a lot.

chiro tonight.  perfect adjustment.  perfect massage.

now home with my husband.

I was reminded today not to let this define me.

I’m not.

I’m using this to find my voice.

have a fun idea I’m mulling.  details will be provided once I’m organized.   maybe.  😉



5 thoughts on “perfect day.

  1. Yes yes yes!!! Your body is responding to all the positive you have around you. It knows there’s an army of friends helping you in every way possible. Meditate on this day… let it sink in… now you know that you do have a healthy body ( sometimes it just hides from you). Thank God for the lavender oil, the perfect adjustment and massage, the laughter… and the great husband!! 🙂

  2. You go girl! You are so right, it isn’t who you are it is a piece of what makes you who you are and who you are still becoming:)


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