what a cool weekend this has been.

we attended a newly diagnosed seminar yesterday.

awesome.  not as scary as I thought it would be.  only one of the MS peeps exhibited external physical symptoms of MS.  she was in a wheelchair.  but had no problem taking notes and getting more coffee.  yeah!

the first speaker was AMAZING.  licensed clinical social worker and hypnotist.  my age.  changed her life in 2010.  she had always wanted her own practice.  so she opened her practice in HB.

she has had MS for three and a half years.  first year was the hardest.

her life change came after diagnosis.  complete inspiration.  she said she wouldn’t be where she is now…without MS showing up uninvited.  she talked my language, and reminded me so much of my friend Karen!

second speaker, was cool too.  he reminded me of my doctor-doctor cousin.  he conveyed that clearly the medical community doesn’t know enough yet about the connection between fatigue and MS.  huh.  my husband was perplexed by this.

big take-aways:

-> I am not MS, but MS is a tiny part of me.  hands cupped at my right side.  MS is with me, but it does not define me.

-> it’s normal for people to think that there’s nothing wrong with me.  huh.

-> except when you’re walking around like Jack Sparrow.  he shows up when I stride.  I have learned to walk more slowly and take smaller steps these days.  many folks with MS walk around like they’re drunk.  go figure.  if only we were!

-> all the up and down emotions I have experienced…are completely normal.

-> reinforced what I already know:  the scariest thing about MS is the unknown.  everyone has the same story of that fear.  good lesson for me to live in the moment.  this is my wake-up call.

-> we tire easily.  that goes along with the MS ride.

-> one of the women at our table suggested I read Healing Multiple Sclerosis.  on page 32 as of this afternoon.  it’s good.

felt overwhelmed and exhausted after the four hour session…

so we stopped by the movie theatre and saw Puss in Boots…seriously.  we laughed.  🙂

slept well last night after a last minute freak-out.

today was a good day too.  I got a call from MS Society Laurie.  she experienced the same clinical symptoms I had before diagnosis!  she is in her 60s now and confident I will follow along just fine.  yeah!  she sounded so happy on the phone.  love that.

I’m meeting her in December.

life will return to normal. it already is.

hope you peeps had a great weekend!



4 thoughts on “discovery.

  1. I totally agree with Jana! It’s wonderful that you are seeing what’s completely normal and what’s possible! So inspirational Erin, even to those who don’t have MS 🙂 Just fabulous.

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