in honor.

my fiery, sweet, red-headed mother-in-law passed away yesterday.

I still remember the first time I met her in September 2002.

I was twitchy nervous that morning.  I couldn’t talk as we drove over to her condo for the INTRODUCTION.  like everyone who’s been in love, I wanted to make a good, no…THE perfect impression.  because I really loved her son, AND because he was her youngest.  her googly.  🙂  and you know how moms can be with their googlys!

she opened the door.  hugged my husband (boyfriend at the time).  then she saw me.  looked me up and down before grabbing my hands, holding on to them hard.  and just looked into my face.  for a good thirty seconds.  then she hugged me with the tightest hug I think I have ever been given.  wow.  I’m going to miss those hugs.  turns out, she didn’t want me to be anything other than me.

it was time for her to move on.  she has been in so much pain.  but she hung on for as long as possible.  long enough to see her two oldest granddaughters head off to their first year in college this August/September.  and to know that her kids and her other three gorgeous granddaughters were all okay.

she loved all five granddaughters so much!  they were everything to her.  I love that.

the last time we saw her was in April.  when we said good-bye to her, my husband and I both knew that was the last time we would see her alive.  she knew it too.  we didn’t have to say anything.  utter state of wordlessness.

sadly, we were all right.

sweetest, longest hug, and farewell that day.

we will lay her to rest on Monday.  next to her husband.

she is at peace.  and with her Jerry again.  making her amazing soda bread and scones, while Jerry is cracking open an Old Style and watching the Cubs.  and keeping an eye on us all.

miss you guys.  have fun up there.  we love you both so much.



2 thoughts on “in honor.

  1. That was the sweetest tribute ever! Although I have never your Mother in law, I feel like I know after that loving tribute. God Bless her, she is at peace now. Much love and prayers to your family.xxxx

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