what an…







few days we had with our family as we said good-bye to Maura and celebrated her life.

I miss them already (especially our nieces!!)…I want to hug them over and over again!

and our Maura.  ouch – it still stings.

I wish I had journaled while we were there.  all I could muster was a few FB posts. (or is it ‘were‘? please, someone help me out here!)

I’m exhausted now.  still.  words are escaping me.

love to everyone.  my mother-in-law is with the angels now.


PS.  a couple great stories from the weekend:  turns out Maura had been buying Irish Waterford crystal pieces for the priest at her church over the past five-six years…and each piece served a specific function.  we used them all at her funeral Monday.  she also wrote a good-bye card to each of her kids.  for Tim, she said that she and Tim’s dad thought he would be a priest(!) or a politician(!)…she is so right on both counts…oh…and that he should take care of me.  yeah!  😉  God Bless her.  she didn’t even know how much I would need that.


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