emotional wellness is my new focus (well, let’s be honest…it always has been) – but it is even more important now that MS has joined the party.  it is essential that I learn how to manage my stress.  (note to self – stress exacerbates lesions.)

I’m excited to share that I have found a new addition to my overall wellness support team!  she’s awesome.  I am so grateful to have found her!

she has MS, is my age, and gets me.  already.  after one session.

while life coaching helps when you are in a good place and shoots you to the stars, there is a place for therapy when it calls.  to get you back to your baseline.

it has called.

it is time to overcome.  for me.  for my husband.  for my health.

I’m a classic self-saboteur.  find something I love to do.  I will stop doing it.  huh?  find something I’m good at.  I’ll stop being good at it.  whaaaat?  this has been extremely helpful in life.  ha!

shocker, huh?  seriously.  I know I have issues, and have had them for YEARS.  huh.  they are part of me, some good, some bad.  some things need to be tweaked.  I know that.  and I know I can tweak as required.

that’s the first step, right? acknowledgement.

I have to admit that I have seen four mental healthcare professionals (since I was 14!), but none of them have fit.  until now.

the MS Society is providing me with 12 FREE(!) sessions with this amazing woman.  yeah!  as soon as I found out this was another available service provided by the MS Society, I was in.

I’m optimistic, though it will require WORK.  the option to move past is there.  for everyone.  if you want it.

I want it.

new favorite quote:  you can’t move forward when you’re looking back.  all the time (my add 😉

I talked to one of my guys today, who said that he is neutral.  not happy, not sad.  there is too much out there that can go wrong.  I replied and said that I go back and forth between the happy and the sad.  more sad of late – for obvious reasons.  but I have always been hopeful that there is MORE happy out there to be had.  ever since I was young.

I’m on a mission peeps.



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