today, I saw a coyote.

the trickster.

but also the waymaker.

a coyote that crosses in front of you is a sign.

watch out for tricking yourself into believing, when it should be the opposite.

rely on your intuition. but be careful. don’t mistake fear for intuition.

the coyote is my totem animal.

and today, I received a sign. how cool is that?!

huh. pay attention. listen.

instead of being wary and always alert…and NOT acting when all intuitive signs are pointed to GO or STOP (my usual MO)…I’m going to take this as a good sign.

it’s time to make-my-own-way.

only I can do that. no one can do it for me.

I want to write. a book. many books. truth bumps popped when I wrote “many books.”

and give back.

had lunch with a friend the other day. also a writer.

we discussed my idea to post my pages on my soon-to-be-developed website. and request feedback while I’m drafting. it would be fluid. and credit would be given. where credit is due.

but then there are legal issues to consider. and feelings that could get hurt. maybe.

and inspiration found.

still mulling the concept. something will take flight soon. I feel it.

I already have 28K words on paper. and 50 different themes. and one new short story idea that just surfaced.

I watched this beautiful, sleek coyote make her way to a busy street.

she looked left, and then right.

and when it was safe, she sprinted.

I whispered to her. to me.

run, girl, run.

happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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