weekend revisited.

not sure what to blog about tonight.

how about what I accomplished this weekend?

hmmm…not much.  not very interesting actually:  laundry.  dishes.  most of our Xmas cards are now prepped and ready for mailing.  ran out of cards.  stressed while figuring out how to use labels that were not the right size for the address label template.  ha!  (I can’t write clearly anymore. I never did. worse now.)  figured out a workaround.  the MS hug got me halfway through.

it’s not a loving hug.  unfortunately.

but yesterday, I saw my family.

my extended family.  and closer.  lots of loving, lots of hugs.  innocent kiddos.  it was good.

it was a last-minute decision to see my family:  my uncle old guy (UOG) was not hurt on Friday.

thank God.

he works for SCE.  and was in the building when the shots were fired.

he knew the peeps who were killed.  the entire company is shell-shocked.

you never know, do you?  never take anything for granted…never.


but, yesterday there was life all around us.  from babies to my 88-year-old grandma.

it was a good weekend.



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