showing up.

I had an idea for a new post float into my thoughts while sitting on my couch this morning, dog on my lap.  enjoying my coffee.  meditating as I watched the sunlight dance across my favorite beach scene.  but it left me.  as quickly as it appeared!

so frustrating! (my husband laughs every time I emphasize the second syllable…just like my two sistas do.)

oh!  it just showed up again!  that didn’t take long.  good thing I sat down at my laptop and started typing.

yesterday at work I thanked my staff of 22 for showing up at work every day.  how much do I sincerely appreciate that!  side bar>>>selfishly, it sure makes my job easier!

I wasn’t talking about showing up in the sense that they are physically there.  but having the passion to show up mentally and with a desire every day to make a difference.  in order to do their best work every day.

not everyone is happy at work and that’s okay.  I get it.  I endured a rough two years of not being happy at work.  I provided evidence over and over again to justify my original thought – I’m not happy at work.  so I never was.  huh.  amazing how that happens.

that all started to change in 2011 as I was determined to improve my happy factor at work.  then…this summer after MS showed up, uninvited, I had no choice but to improve things.  so I did.  I stopped complaining about work, and the work stress just started to fade away.  and now, it literally doesn’t seem important anymore to worry about what I cannot control at work.  huge shift in perspective.  as a result work has become easier.  I show up, and give what I can. and just allow the rest roll off my back.  where it used to like to hang out 24/7.

but it’s not just at work.  it’s with everything.  I love writing.  so I’m writing again. do I have the energy to write every day?  no.  is everything I write brilliant?  not even close!  and that’s okay.  I still show up and subject you peeps repeatedly to the inner-workings of my mind.  I signed up for another creativity class next year, The Artist’s Way.  I also have stopped beating myself up for not going back to yoga yet.  I’ll get there.  for not keeping a spotless house.  for not having enough practice hours to pursue life coaching certification.  and for not traveling enough.  it’s all okay.  I still want to do those things, so I will.

sidebar>>>the travel showed up on its own!  we are off to maui next month!  beautiful things can happen when you let go of your story, fears, and accept what is.

there is too much dang beauty and inspiration in this world to be sidetracked by the yuck-o thoughts of not being good enough or doing enough!  side-tracking:  that’s just too easy!

I like to take the more difficult path – I don’t side-track anymore.  I show-up as much as possible.  which will, in fact…be the easier path.  in the long run.  it just requires a daily effort.  but it’s so worth it!

it is my choice to be happy.  or not happy.  it always has been my choice.  huh.  so I am using MS to my advantage.  and continue to reset daily.  it’s now become a habit.  a good one.  😉

final sidebar>>>unfortunately, we all come from generations of strife and conflict.  it’s how we are programmed.  it’s in our DNA to look for the negative.  b’ah….I don’t want that!

everyone has the opportunity to change that, by showing up in life a little differently and a little more every day.  where it matters.

what do you do to show up for your life?


6 thoughts on “showing up.

  1. I show up with love and care for my friends. I don’t tell enough how much I appreciate their presents in my life, but I do nice things to surprise them. I like to meet and be surrounded by nice people.

    Today I felt kinda – I will use a big word – depressed. Holidays around the corner and I feel lonely. I miss my family and truly white Christmas that I didn’t have for so long. I am going to a Latin potluck festival today and I was already making an excuse in my head that I will not make anything for this party because I am “depressed”. We are not allowed to buy already made things, have to make our own dish that represents our specific culture. Thanks to your blog, Erin, i realized that not making anything is so not me! I like to give to my friends something of who I am. So is the self-pity going to prevent me from showing up as “me”? ……. DON’T THINK SO MF!!!! Little bit of inside info – MF is my new name for lizard. I will explain some other time what this abbreviation means….

    So, making a delicious traditional Christmas potato salad right now and going to roast some Polish kielbasa. My friends will love it! It will be lots of fun tonight…….. and did I say there will be life music and a DJ? …oh, I always ‘show up’ dancing. Not just physically; as you know, dancing is my meditation. I dance with my heart and soul.

    Merry Christmas my friends!

  2. Erin,

    You are blessed with MS. It has obviously made a huge difference in your life. Last year I gave all my girls a copy of Epictetus’ “The Art of Living.” You are living his philosophy. Well done. Share your new love and freedom with those who love you!


  3. You are sooooooo inspiring!! Just when I was feeling a bit frustrated with things I read your blog and I find peace again. Thank you Erin. Maui!! Woohoo!! Happy for you!! 🙂

    Merry Christmas!!

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