from page to post…re-blog from October 2011: solo second shot…

…husband stuck at work late tonight…so I was on my own.

nothing happened.  other than I gave myself a shot.

the red welt appeared…man, it still stings.  but, I survived.  again.


that’s the latest.  pretty anti-climactic, wouldn’t you agree?

sometimes anti-climactic can be good.

found out yesterday that if a neurologist identifies twisted blood vessels in your neck and you have MS – an angioplasty might be the solution:  they have been found to alleviate MS symptoms.  and Parkinson’s symptoms.

(article from the BBC on the topic:

Canada is working on a study.  go figure, the FDA is not very supportive of liberation therapy.

misc:  I ran into a neighbor tonight while out walking the dog.  she saw us walk by her window the other day at  5AM.  we were being followed by a coyote.  nothing happened.  anti-climactic, again.  yeah!

off to our fave irish pub tonight.

so grateful for your support.

one of my girlfriends asked what she could do for me.  my reply, enjoy every day…and play as much as possible.



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