finally.  I have started to dream again.

fun~I love dreams!

in life coach training (LCT) we discussed how dreaming means things are starting to shift, move forward, change.  after being fairly dream-less for the last six months, it’s a relief to adventure into dreamland again.  yeah!

sidebar>>>though there was the one dream…the only really lucid dream I have ever had…that I played in a few months ago.  that was way cool.  I even levitated!  because I wanted to.  so I did.  after successfully completing the tests to confirm one is dreaming and not awake, I took control.  weird actually now that I think back to it.  I wasn’t walking in it.  hmmm.

dream analysis was one of my favorite modules from LCT.  the tools we learned are a combination of Martha Beck and Carl Jung.  both awesome.

analyzing dreams:  fun.  creative.  it opens up doors that many people have slammed shut.  it gives peeps a lot of insight into their own psyche.  you can even solve problems in your every day life, by closely examining your dreams.  I have seen this happen in my practice coaching sessions last year.  how cool is that?!  very.

so, I have had a classic recurring dream over the last fifteen odd years.  yikes!  it shows up frequently when I’m stressed.  which means it has been around a lot the last few years.  ha!  I probably had ten episodes of this dream last year alone.  before my legs conked out.  more than any other year.  then I shut down the last six months.  note:  shutting down = minimal dream activity.

the theme of this dream is always the same:  I board a plane knowing that it’s going to crash.

airline is always different.  or sometimes unknown.  and usually a large aircraft.  at least a 767.  one time it had a glass ceiling.  the airplane always takes off from a different airport.  heading to an unknown destination (except when I was on a plane that was going to plunge into the red rocks of Sedona!).  sometimes the plane hurtles between buildings and ducks under bridges in a metro city (Chicago, New York, and London…for example).  in one – we landed first – but the plane was still scheduled to fail on the second leg!  ugh.  I still remember that dream vividly.  actually, most of them I can recall.  occasionally I have friends with me, but more often I’m flying solo.  (like with everything…much better when friends are around.  🙂

so here’s how it plays out:  shortly after the plane takes off, it starts listing to one side.  oh sh*t, I think, it’s happening.  I look around me to find the rest of the passengers calm.  sedate.  a few are looking at me, wondering what’s wrong with me.  (think William Shatner in the Twilight Zone.)  or they’re asleep.  but, I can’t tell them that I know what is about to happen.  so I remain silent.  just very agitated as I’m staring out the window watching the ground move toward us.  having zero control.  before the plane hits the ground, I wake up.

end of story.  that’s it.  anti-climactic.  huh?

every time I wake up breathing hard, and unable to fall back asleep.  borderline panic attack.

Saturday night I had this dream again.  but with a twist.

for the first time, the plane was not going to crash.  I knew I was going to be okay!  but still a bit bewildered…why I was on a plane that wasn’t scheduled to crash??  the one thing I do remember is that I felt very protected in this dream.  so protected that I was comfortable walking the aisles.  chatting and laughing with the flight attendants.  for once, the plane was protecting me rather than the opposite.  um…that would be not-protecting me.  ha!

I was ecstatic when I woke up Sunday morning.  so I quickly ran this dream through Martha Beck’s dream analysis (or dream deconstruction, as I like to call it)…

1.  identify each symbol.

sidebar>>>for the following questions, it’s a bit wild and crazy…one must become the symbol!  crazy, I know.  but it works beautifully.

2.  provide a description of each symbol.

3.  what purpose does each symbol have for the dreamer?

4.  what is each symbol trying to tell the dreamer?  what message does the symbol contain?

talking through this with another, is always more effective!  while deconstructing a dream, the dreamer is usually in their right brain…and more details surface while it’s being discussed.  it is probably one of the coolest things to coach a peep through unraveling a dream to make life-awakening connections.

so…my conclusion for this very specific shift in my recurring dream…

  1. everything is going to be okay.  pretty obvious.
  2. it’s okay to sit back and enjoy the ride.  huh.
  3. let God take care of the rest, especially the future and things I cannot control.  I get it.

this morning, I woke up to an invitation to return to church.

interesting stuff, huh?

hope you peeps all have sweet dreams tonight!



4 thoughts on “dreamland.

  1. LOVE this post. You know how into dreams I am. I didn’t realize you hadn’t been dreaming for the past few months. And amazing that your reocurring dream changed….yes, everything is going to be okay! I do love the fact that you were able to take control of your dream. How did you do that? Would love to hear more about that.

    I’ve been having weird dreams in Poland…..been trying to interpret what I can. I used to write down all my dreams. I need to get back into that habit.

    Miss you!

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