moving forward.

I have had time today to sit back and reflect on yesterday.

yesterday was a real day:  we attended the MS Society Pacific Chapter awards breakfast.

which, for both of us, included some more sinking into the reality of MS.

some scary facts.  such as MS may cause my brain to shrink.  fabulous.

but thinking beyond the scary…which no one can ever control…the question popped up after we got home:  was the breakfast more about celebrating MS?

I think it really was more that…than anything.  d’uh!

there is so much support for this non-profit!   blew us away.   I’m talking >$100K in support from one peep!

but it was the couples who raised the most money.  one of them has it, the other one doesn’t.

turns out, MS pushed them forward.

it was fascinating for us to watch the couples.  it was like we were watching ourselves.

we talked about it afterwards.  either couples overcome.  or they don’t.  those that were at the presentation had overcome.  it was so clear.

I’m sure there are 10x as many who don’t.

MS is a rocky dysfunction that sits on top of any pre-existing dysfunction.

it will either make or break you.

Tim and I agreed:  we will make it.  and can’t wait to figure out how we can give back.



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