cooking for MS.

had a rough couple days this week, I’ll be honest. again. sorry. but persevered, and came out on the other side today. it’s all good now. don’t worry, this gets better. 🙂

(still had some unprocessed emotions to work through – monster related…and perhaps hormonal. little bit of A. little bit of B).

sidebar>>discovered that a lot of MS peeps call multiple sclerosis the MonSter. who knew. also known as the beast that lies waiting to pounce. when you least expect it.

I reset when I woke up today…wrote my morning pages, meditated, and prayed for the grace to accept the things I cannot change. then things got better. happy is something that comes from the inside out. go figure. who’d a thunk it? also slept really well last night. geesh – that does a world of good!

read a fantastic blog post this morning from another MS peep: she tells it like it is. love that. not to mention, she included one of my fave Zeppelin songs – ever. Battle of Evermore. loved it since I discovered Zeppelin in the 8th grade. still do. goose bumps. thanks again, Sherri!

it continues: then I talked to three amazing life coach buddies. who reminded me that I am not alone. I know I’m not, but nice to hear once in a while. from peeps other than my hub and local best friend. ha! oh, and then my other best friend called me as soon as I had hung up the phone. amazing what God, source energy, spirit, karma, LOA…whatever…brings you when you are open to it!

February sure is off to a good start. happy frickin’ February btw!! I can’t believe January has come and gone. I just am bamboozled by how fast January flew. though it felt like eternity at certain points.

but, I did take out January on a good note!

so yesterday, I cooked two dishes for my MS diet. cooking for MS. my husband suggested I start a blog just on that topic alone. ha!

sidebar>>I made him a beautiful fried egg tonight! I’m on a mission.

you all know that I’m doing the gluten-free thing. reducing my dairy and sugar.

sidebar again>>>people have reversed an MS diagnosis after at least three years on this diet. there are also other lifestyle changes that must be made. i.e., live in the moment, chuck fears of future events that haven’t even happened yet, stop people-pleasing habits, and cease being an all around type A worry-wart.

check out…Minding Your Mitochondria (note – it’s 17 mins)

so, I know you’re curious about my cooking for MS! here is what I made:

1. black bean and quinoa surprise

2. roasted BS

both exceptionally healthy for me due to the following attributes…

>gluten and sugar-free



>high in fiber (um, yeah)

unfortunately, both dishes did not qualify on the attractiveness scale. so, I must apologize, no photos will be provided.

but trust me: both were tasty, filling, and fresh. this girl who eats out of a box, is not family (yet) with the fresh concept. but she will be.

my husband, while suspicious, was game to sample. I knew he would be honest. he said both were surprisingly good. happy when he walked in from work…and greeted with home-cooked smells. he loved that. I gleamed with pride.

the brussel sprouts, were particularly enjoyed by all. as the tiny cabbage heads roasted in a bed of olive oil, pepper, and salt…a few of the leaves opened up and broke away from the mother ship. the result: mini brussel sprout chips. heaven!

what else is new in the Griff household besides home cooked meals:

I have scratched my daily Starbucks run. they (Starbucks corporation) are closing the local shop near the house. whaaaaat?? we loved going there. knew all the peeps by name. I wanted to make sure they all had other jobs. yes, yes. sort of. turns out the store was not making enough money? seriously? how is that possible when the place is always packed with customers. make-no-sense. not to mention, their DM moved the milk trolley right where people have to stand in line waiting for their triple-non-fat-mocha-no foam lattes. when I asked if the DM explained why? it was like I had sent a flock of birds in major squawk mode!

frustrating when you don’t get a good why, huh?

in protest, I’m now brewing my daily coffee at home. and non-Starbucks beans. it’s good. why didn’t I start doing that ages ago? I probably would have put the local SBs out of business much sooner.

second new item: I’m drinking home-made green smoothies. love them. though my kale has sadly wilted in the fridge. they are good for my brain. and body. though the hub is not game to give them a go. yet.

what are you doing to honor your health?



4 thoughts on “cooking for MS.

  1. It was great to hear your voice yesterday!
    I am drinking green smoothies for breakfast every day. Today’s was really yummy: spinach, water cress, baby bok choy, banana, granny smith apple and frozen mango chunks with about a cup of white grape juice. Delish!
    Got a hit on the MonSter thing — maybe you should do the metaphor tool on that? Could be interesting.

  2. Great reading!! I wanted another chapter!! At first I was like “roasted BS”?? what is she talking about?? haha!! Maybe you need to start making larger meals and some of us can stop by after work and pick up our dinner! …for a cost of course… Hum? something to think about. As you know when you’re working is difficult to come home and cook healthy.. it’s so easy to eat the wrong things just because is faster. “Erin’s Healthy Place”… sounds nice!! 🙂

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