superbowl XLVI.

the biggest event in professional football.

ooooh.  how I wish I really understood football!

I have seven months after today to learn it fully before college ball kicks off.  again.

a few years ago while at lunch with one of my work girlfriends, I received my first football 101 lesson.  using words that made sense to me.  ha!

since then, I have at least been better able to track what’s happening during a game.

learning football is always on my New Year resolution list.  but I just can’t seem to get into it all the way.  though I was excited when the Oregon Ducks won the Rose Bowl.   much to the annoyance of all my friends who are SC fans.

how did I go to Wilson High in Long Beach and not pick up football?

oh,  yeah.  then I pick a uni that doesn’t even have a football team.  go figure.

turns out…I grew up in England.

(sidebar huh>>>wonder if my environment had anything to do with MS joining the game?)

they play a different version of football over there.  (note>>didn’t pick that one up either!)

and this was also well before the internet made it possible to stream games or provide lessons about football.  we were exceptionally lucky if there was an AMERICAN football game broadcast on one of our four TV channels.

and if there was one broadcast, it was usually in the middle of the night.   um, no thanks.

of course I end up marrying a guy who loves, I’m mean really loves, football.  especially college football.  he spent one day…fourteen hours straight watching football (before me).  he still talks about that day.

sidebar>>> he just pointed out that he did that on more than one occasion.

so I do my best to share his enthusiasm.

sometimes I do.  and other times I don’t…but that’s infrequent.  😉

all I do know…is that when he asks me, “baby, you know where he played his college football, right?”

the answer is always, “uh, huh…Miami.”

but today, I’m looking forward to what comes along with the Superbowl.  the commercials.

as a wanna-be marketing guru, I love ’em.  I still talk about the brilliant Hyundai commercial from three years ago.   and anything with Betty White is fabu.

so I can bleed my enthusiasm into the game.

what do you do for your loved ones?



2 thoughts on “superbowl XLVI.

  1. I LOVE FOOTBALL and glad you are getting into it. And, I do wake up in the middle of the night for the games….tonight it kicks off at 12:30 am for me. But I took a nap and ready to watch (also asked my boss for no morning classes tomorrow morning).

    Enjoy the game!!!

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