ten years…

today is our anniversary!

not wedding anniversary of course.  but ten years from the date when we started to fall in love.  I knew it.  he knew it.  we looked at each other long and hard.  and we were both done.  amazing thing when that mutual energy occurs.  that still happens today.

my husband chimed in when I said I was writing about the double digits.

haha.  suuuucker!  he laughed.

nope, you’re the sucker,  I retorted.

turns out we’re both pretty mushy when it comes to us.  and I think that has been why we have been so successful.  we honor and respect our relationship – and each other as individuals.  we make time for us.  and celebrate the small things – such as today.  and laugh a lot.  (I think that has made all the difference since MS joined the party.)

feb. 8.  2002.  who’d a thunk that the time would go by so quickly!  I was 27.  he was 30 (almost 31!).  oh how I miss being 27.  not!  I was still a kid and could act like one too.  ha!  actually, that will probably never change.  for either one of us. 🙂  I’m glad that I am where I am.  and love that we are where we are. other than the MS factor.  but whatever.  more on that later!

today, I’m going to embrace my love of ten years.



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