oy vey. not!

what a great day today was.

and not even over yet!

I am sinking in love.

love for what is around me, and within me.  God is definitely there.  I feel God more every day.

woof. woof.  >>>thanks, Pedro, btw for sticking that song in my head all day long!  hopefully it’s in your head now.  🙂

what a great week this has been.  how long has it been since I have said that?  too long.  probably years!  huh.

monday.  coached by an awesome life coach.  after a monster meltdown Monday late afternoon.  everything is changing in three big areas of my life.  maybe for the better?  conclusion:  yes.

tuesday.  movie watching.  easy A.  funny.  but not oscar worthy.  nothing day.  oh.  wait.  MS support group Tuesday night.  interesting.  though on my way, I did see a billboard for the movie (180) written and directed by one of the guys who works for me – crazy!  that is one guy following his passion.

wednesday. I met a fellow MS traveller.  she talked my talk.  and she’s trying the same dietary changes I am.  she scratched copaxone after a year.  I explained my love-hate relationship with it.  she listened.  also…celebrated ten year anniversary with my hub!

thursday.  my therapist hypnotized me.  AMAZE-ing.  released  a lot.  evening church group.  fun.  learning.  debate.  love that!

friday.  awesome yoga class.  much better than a couple of weeks ago – more relaxing than anything.  no internal hissing required.  (oh, I did gentle yoga monday and wednesday as well.)  weird.  I accidentally typed yogo instead of yoga.  that is the trial name for the company where my chick-lit protagonist works.  huh?  why did that pop out?  😉  btw>>>funny name for chick-lit by one of my Canadian friends (warning – don’t read if you prefer G ratings):  cliturature!  ha!

saturday.  joined a work friend to attend the bike MS awards presentation.  awesome.  awesome.  I can’t wait to get back on the bike.  my hub and I decided we will do day one and ride 50 miles.  yikes!  (note>>this is not an official commitment on my behalf!)  we only biked 32.5 miles in 2010!  and that was after months of training.  hmmm. will meditate on this.

all is well.  getting used to having legs that buzz all the time, periodic bee sting shocks, brain fog that descends mid-afternoon, and perpetual pain in my left arm.  all the time.  only one migraine this week!  yeah!  could be worse, right?  (that’s what I have noticed all MS peeps say – it could be worse…I’m not completely sold on that yet – but I get it.  I’m going to try focusing on what IS good today instead…which I totally did not do in the preceding sentences!  ha!)

what did you do this week?  do share.

PS>>oh, I also have been doing a green smoothie a day.  love them!!  a different recipe every day.  I now crave them.  and I have been meditating daily.  it helps.  I envision my lesions glowing like an ember.  and I gently blow them out.  trust me>>it works in my mind.  they are dimming.



4 thoughts on “oy vey. not!

  1. Sounds like a fantastic week! I love that you are looking at the positive. I also got a hit when I read you’re “getting used to” the symptoms and shots…I think that acceptance is going to be key for you! XO

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