the hovering hummingbird.

…the first time this guy performed for me, I thought…hey…that’s so cool!  I’m so lucky to have seen that!

and then he did it again the next day.  and then again?  really?  did I just see that again?

this is no coincidence.

conclusion:  he must be one of my beasties.

he (she?) is gorgeous.  I can only assume he is a he based on what little I know of peacocks.  and mallard ducks (drakes).  and roosters.  though I wouldn’t exactly classify a rooster as gorgeous.  just cocky.  😉

this little guy has a ruby iridescent, shiny decolletage (maybe he is a female ;-).

my hovering hummingbird showed off for me a second time this morning while walking Monty in the park.  and then for an encore performance…tonight.  what a treat!

it’s always the same:  when I walk by his tree where he is perched at the top, he chirps.  flutters his wings.   and then dashes out right in front of me to put on his hover performance.  facing me.

he is clearly proud of his levitation skills.  his wings beating so fast…I can see right through them.  it’s almost like he is frozen in the air while he hovers for about 5 seconds, and then darts back to his tree.  no one else is around, of course.  except monty.  who has her nose to the ground.

backing up a bit…before leaving for our PM walk tonight, I have the urge to check to see if our sliding door is locked.  nope.  lock it.  and look across the pond to find two doves nuzzling each other on our neighbor’s balcony.  they both look over at me after sensing that they had been caught.  cock their heads at me, as if to say, “what?”  and then return to cuddling.

um yeah.  I must be dialed into birds.

not that I particularly like seagulls, but they have been everywhere lately!  and hundreds of them.  if not thousands.  high, high in the sky.  blows me away every time that so many birds can fly in concert with one another.

I will belabor the topic… 😉  we also have an osprey that hangs out in a birch tree directly across from our bedroom window.  my husband loves this eagle.  he commented a couple weeks ago that our eagle is gone.  I said, “he’ll be back, don’t worry.”

the next morning…there he was again.

happy valentine’s day peeps!

hope you had a great day celebrating with your beasties, human or otherwise.



6 thoughts on “the hovering hummingbird.

  1. So awesome! Do you have Sarah Seidelmann’s book What the Walrus Knows? Here’s a bit from the Hummingbird manifesto: “Embody Boldness – dive on desire with courage. take charge. Be Discerning – view from all angles. hover. carefully land on what feels best. Master the Force – high octane output requires quality input. stay well-fueled. Turn Down the Furnace – seriously slack off. mentally and physically. return to core.”

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