the husband and his Achilles tendon…

are not on good terms.

and haven’t been for the last 2+ weeks.

(umm…yeah…he likes to put off the inevitable like I do!)

we’ll find out more after his MRI tomorrow and appointment with the orthopedic surgeon on Thursday.

we are both praying for an easy healing.

he saw our regular doc last week, and appears that it is completely ruptured.  but luckily the tendon didn’t roll up into his calf… 😦  wait, that’s good okay.  no frown required.  yikes!

so…he’s still walking on it.  just not very well.

turns out that a ruptured Achilles tendon is a common injury for men of his age who play stop and go sports – i.e., softball.   who knew?

grudgingly, he is going to retire from his weekly game.

ugh…it kills me to see him in pain!

have avoided writing about it, until now.  bit anxious for the week ahead.

we’re a fine pair, aren’t we?!

if anything, please pray that he will get the pass on surgery from the doc!!



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