life with a cast…and some MS on the side…

I am so grateful that my husband does not need surgery!!!

yeah!!! yeah!!!

that is such a good thing!

his Achilles tendon is still holding on by a few tiny fibers.

now we both have to adjust to life with a cast. and crutches.

easy peasy.

though this morning, didn’t feel quite so easy.

as I drove us way from the orthopedic center, my husband looks over at me.

I can feel his eyes on me. but I can’t take my eyes off the road.

instead I settle for asking, “what’s up baby, how are you doing?”

“I just wish doctors would stop telling us that they don’t even need to look at the MRI results to know that something is very wrong with one of us.”

I bob my head in agreement.

doing better now. both of us. this is just a minor twig caught in the stream of life.

…so to distract myself, I accomplished some administrative things after we are settled back at home.

had a shower. walked the doggy. straightened up the kitchen.

and then launched into making a home-made dinner. phew. that felt good. I am valuable in this.

I will not hover – my hummingbird never hovered for too long – and then he flew away.

lesson learned from the hummingbird.

all will be well…and we have already laughed quite a bit today as we made fun of the Garmin voice on our way to meet the doc. she always cracks us up. we should have listened to her on the way home!

I just pointed this out to my husband, and he chimed back on cue, “turn right on newLAND.”

God, I love this man!!


oh – ps! going back to my flying beastie, I still have my autographed book copy…What the Walrus Knows…available!

I would love to give it away!! so if you have a wiggle of interest, just let me know!


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