effort-full vs. effort-null?

we have a bonus day today…what a treat!

so I have to ask the question…what inspires you?

truly inspires you.  take a moment, breathe in deeply, and let your current pre-occupied thoughts drop away as you exhale…and do it again…and one more time…yeah, I’m pushy, I know.  😉

then…think about what gives you those hair-raising truth-bumps…and that yummy butterfly feeling in your tum.

is it something that requires, hard-core, roll-up your sleeves, get dirty work?  effort-full.

maybe that feels good.  or maybe it doesn’t.  go with the thing that feels good.

or is it something that just pours from you without any effort?  effort-null.  I like that better than effort-less.  (which makes it sound like there is still some effort required.  😉

something to think about on your extra day this year.  write it down.

think about it…can you devote an effort-null five minutes to that thing that inspires you?  before you talk yourself out of it… 😉

five minute ideas would include: surfing the web or magazines for images that feel good to you…doodling haphazardly while you imagine your inspiration…meditating.

enjoy your extra day today.  would love to hear about it.  😉


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