ok, I have changed my mind. sort of. this is a good thing.

I can do that. I’m female. and enduring a chronic health condition. ha!

soooo…this afternoon I finished Awkward B*tch: My Life with MS, by Marlo Donato Parmelee.

loved, loved it.

had started it a few weeks ago, and put it down. too close to home. I have had enough of this MS biz…was the mindset then.

so I started it over yesterday.

and could not put it down. probably could have finished it last night. if I didn’t have to sleep.

it was like I was reading my own memoir. despite the moving abroad. minor detail. I already did the move to London. ha!

everything Marlo experienced…has happened to me.

and in the same order. crazy.

crazy. this is the closest I have come to someone having a similar MS story to mine.

she even had sixth cranial nerve palsy. that’s what I had! her first major symptom. go figure. instead of Picasso, she looked to Dali for her visual inspiration reference. I get it.

I kept bursting out with lines from the book to my poor hub last night, and then again this afternoon…who, btw, is still recuperating and taking it easy (cast off on Wednesday)…so I’m sure he appreciated the outbursts! I had to keep reminding myself, that I was the one reading the book – not him!

I laughed. and cried. and laughed again. my husband and I went/are going through what Marlo and her husband endured. I love how confident this woman is! she is so open and authentic. I loved the line when she quoted her husband asking telling her to STOP DOING THAT (paraphrase) – after she discovered the L’hermittes sign and kept testing it over and over again. I could not stop putting my head down either. I drove my husband and sister nuts-o when I discovered the sign in September. ha! she also got lost in all the internet research. doctors visits. panic of a brain tumour. extreme fatigue. wrong words. no words. vertigo. pins and needles (buzzing)…and the list goes on! love it. not to mention, she is a strong supporter of the MS Society. yeah!

ok, just had to share. it’s a quick read. and a good one. you know, if you ever experience weird neurological events. or not. it reads like classic chick-lit.

loved, loved it!

PS>;>;this week is National MS week!


2 thoughts on “surrealism.

  1. Hey there….I finished the book on Saturday and thought of you the entire time. I was wondering if your symptoms were like hers. (I knew she said that everyone’s is different – almost very personal.) Her descriptions were very good….I could sense what she was seeing/feeling. I’ve looked up a few of her videos on Youtube and have looked at her blog.

    Miss you! Take care!

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