eleven things I know now…

my healing time has come to a close. and I am scheduled to return to work tomorrow. it’s officially official.

wow. I can’t believe it. the time went by so slowly while at the same time…quickly. I know I’m going to go back as a new person despite still having ongoing issues in my body. I’m at 75% compared to operating at 40% before I left. I have upgraded my % every day. I can walk a bit more straight most days, which is great! it’s the stuff on the inside that no one gets! I don’t either – ha! but that’s okay.

so…here is what I have learned while being off work with my buzzy, cloudy, tired, dizzy, wonky body…

1. trust my intuition. it is guiding me for a reason. and it has not failed me yet. despite on occasion intentionally ignoring what I know is true for me!

2. it is so important that I take care of myself emotionally. there is no one else who can do that but me!

3. sleep is so good and beneficial. cannot say that enough. I have had difficulty sleeping since I was ten! nine hours/night is what my body and brain require. crazy, huh. this is my natural sleep schedule! everyone has one. we’ll see how that works tonight – ha!

4. I sop up other people’s energy. good and bad. lesson learned that it’s okay critical to put on my disco-ball cat-suit (thanks, B!) to protect myself from taking on negative energy from others. it also protects my fears and anxieties from seeping into others! goes both ways. 🙂

5. not all doctors receive patient service training. if any – ha! it’s okay to switch doctors if you are not receiving the level of service you deserve. seriously. took me some time to get to that. even being a customer service manager, I should have done better on this one! don’t waste your time if it’s not working for you. find someone who does work for you. you deserve it. repeat…you really do. sometimes we have to manage our doctors. if they don’t comply within reason to your needs, might be time to move on.

6. I know now whom I can rely on for support. I had read and heard that people don’t know what to do with you after hearing that you have a chronic disease! some do it well, others not so much. which is fine. and understandable. but it is okay to let some of the negative and nasty people in your life go, if it’s not working for you and your loved ones.

7. live in the present. there is nothing more than any of us can do. this became so clear to me, and now I only look ahead to the current day. and express daily gratitude for what I do have in my life.

8. eating gluten-free and green foods has been the best thing for my health! geesh, it shouldn’t have taken MS (grabby) to burrow into my brain to figure that out! but that’s okay, I have figured it out now.

9. I can heal my body, when I take care of it. so I will. (my hub is growing a new tendon… anything is possible!)

10. positive psychology and law of attraction stuff does work! it’s the receiving part that’s tricky… 😉

11. life is full of lessons. period. cliché, I know. but it’s how one reacts to events beyond one’s control that makes all the difference. really, it took MS to show up for me, to really pause…evaluate my life and learn this lesson. what a blessing! yep, I will keep saying this daily until everything (mind, body, and soul) is in sync.

thanks for following along…appreciate all the love and support throughout this ongoing journey. xo


6 thoughts on “eleven things I know now…

  1. Excellent post. Loved it. Those are lessons we all can learn and use in our daily lives. I hope book club was great. Miss seeing all of you. Thank you for introducing me to that book. I loved every word of it and it really helped me understand more of what you are going through….especially since I am so far away and can’t ask you/talk to you as much as I did in LA. Miss you tons!

  2. Erin, looking forward to hearing about the “new” work situation. Hold tight! Journal. You’ll be fine. And know exactly what to do, at exactly the right time. You just expressed it with these 11 lessons. There’s no doubt! xo

  3. Beautiful wisdom, Erin. It’s really amazing how much you’ve “done” in a short time. While healing your body – or allowing it to heal – you’ve also been healing your spirit.
    Now, as you go back to work, I think you have so much wisdom to share with your colleagues. Just take care of yourself first. 🙂

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