left-brain lock-down.


since returning to work, I have experienced difficulty accessing my right, creative, rainbow colored, sparkly brain.

instead, I’m back to logistics, statistics, staff, and problems. though the problems do require some creativity to resolve. πŸ˜‰

but overall, left-brain lockdown. where my mind appears only to operate in my left hemisphere.

one word I can say about this left-brain biz – BORING!

just writing this jolted my right brain to what I recovered last night. phew. thank you, God! she’s still active in there.

turns out…I have a trifecta of books I would love to will publish (well, at least finish!) one day. πŸ™‚

all three are forming. and by forming, I mean drafts are underway.

first one started brewing in 2009. second in 2010. third, 2011.

proposed actual titles include…

whoa…hold your horses there, girl!

but I want to share! do I dare share??

nope. there goes lefty, slamming the door!

what if someone steals your ideas??

will my blog copyright suffice??

sorry, lefty wins this one.

see what corporate work will do to your brain. πŸ˜‰ unless you work for Apple.

but I can share that I can’t decide between two titles for the fiction piece. ha!

maybe one will become the third in the trifecta…and the other a future stand-alone. will see how the story evolves and then decide. chick-lit has been brewing in my right brain for ages. before any of the drafts above started hitting the page.

turns out. I love writing the fiction. love, love it!

it’s so much fun. so fun, you think I would be writing ALL the time.

but then a block decides to show up. more important, adult responsibilities take priority. chores. a pet needs to be fed. or the hub with the achille’s tendon on the mend needs help. insecurity. what am I thinking? my grammar and spelling is for the birds. clearly. then there is the necessary requirement – sleep. add friends into the mix, and it’s all over. just kidding on that one. (my friends inspire me, btw!)

but I can conquer those blocks more effectively now that I have finished Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way. amazing, awesome book. even for us corporate work types! it’s brilliant.

turns out blogging and self-love and self-care…help knock down some of those blocks.

and, d’uh…I will keep writing. period. you can count on it. I’m so excited! the process is 95% of the fun. πŸ™‚

what do you love to do? what makes you feel like a kid again?

would love to hear.



8 thoughts on “left-brain lock-down.

  1. I have been holding onto what you said to me before and also said here about focusing on the process – and you’re so right. When we (ME) become too focused on the end result, the blocks multiply and I stump myself. By focusing on the process, I can just let it flow.

    Also I love your strikethroughs and replacements with WILL and ACTUAL! Great attitude and very inspring.

    • much easier, huh?! I have to remind myself all the time. πŸ™‚ it’s the process that counts. it’s the process that is fun – because it is – odd how I forget that! thanks for commenting! xo

  2. Playing! Just letting myself lose. No expectation. No time frame. That’s pure bliss for me! Erin, seeing the difference between left and right work is new for you. I’d say it’s growth! And you’re keepin on growing when you write, despite. xo

  3. There’s not a doubt in my mind you will publish fiction, Erin. And any non-fiction you set your mind too as well. You have much to say, and only you can say it. Abundant wisdom and warmth to share. You are just getting started, with your left and right brain both at your service.

    A form of sheer happiness for me has always been sinking into a great story — whether reading or writing it. Time simply ceases to exist :-). xoxo

    • …sweet words from a sweet woman. thank you!! I love sinking into a great story as well – we’re reading Infidel for book club this month….hope it’s sink-worthy. πŸ™‚ see you soon!! xo

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