long day today.

but all ended well!

backing up>>>my legs started buzzing hard yesterday – out of the blue – coupled with intense left shoulder and arm pain…tapered off to a mild buzz later on this afternoon, thank goodness – phew!

plus, I got in my own way today…turns out.

AND, I forgot to don my disco-ball diamond encrusted catsuit this morning.  it is ready for wear tomorrow.

I reset.  so cool that resetting is always an option!

so, here is what kicked off my hard reboot>>>my UK and MI fam called me from Marco Island, FL while I was at work late tonight!

what a way to end a long day!

I wanted to cry when I heard my Dad’s voice.  and then the phone was handed around the table to his sister and wife.  (more wanting to cry!)  once that was overcome, we chatted while my fam enjoyed the view overlooking the gulf post sunset.

very familiar with this view after many long evenings, long talks and long laughs…

how I wish I was there!  but for a half hour, I was transported to one of my beautiful places on earth.  I felt like I was right there with them.  lots of laughing.  love that.  laughing connects.   🙂

so I was ready to reset fully by the time I arrived home.  took Monty for a walk – visited my friends with wings.  played with my doggy.  made dinner with the hub.  then settled in for an amazing Amazing Race from Sunday night.  we finally caught up – and where are they??  Tanzania – the same view of Kilimanjaro I have on my vision board!  must already be working.  🙂

soooo good to talk to my fam!  my aunt said she saves all my blog posts!!  warm, fuzzy feeling.  🙂  my second mom – says she can’t wait for my books to be published!  more warm, fuzzy feeling.  🙂  they all are so kind!!

how did they know?

miss and love you guys!



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