hello late 30s…

or am I already there!?  😉

I think I officially grew up this last year.  well, maybe.  😉  let’s face it, I have been on this path of self-discovery since my 20s.  huge progress in 2011.  my friends who are older…and also introvert empaths…say life just keeps getting better and easier as we unravel, discover, and accept what is.  thank goodness!

since my birthday falls on tax day, we are celebrating early this weekend.  while I’m still 37.  time to say good-bye to the year when MS hopped on for a ride.

long sidebar on that topic>>>had 19 vials of blood drawn yesterday.  yikes!  that was a lot of blood.  my new doc is awesome, but I’m eager for a break from medical appointments.  period.  MRI of my cervical spine is Monday.  legs have been buzzing non-stop the last three days.  interesting.  did some research Thursday night, and I’m now curious if some of the symptoms I’m experiencing might instead be Copaxone side effects.  buzzing is def not.  but muscle and joint pain may be.  my left shoulder hurt so much on Thursday night.  it felt like someone had stabbed me in the back.  ha!  though muscle pain is def on the MS list.  not sure about joint pain.  my BP has also been high the last two months.  also a side effect of the big C.  that’s all I got on this topic!  I’m ready for regular life to resume.

so back to celebration!!  last night, my hub booked us at our favorite ambiance restaurant – La Cave – where food is wheeled out to you.  no menus.  steak, seafood, salad, and a twice baked or regular baked potato.  great martinis.  think circa 1960s Dean-o vibe.  this restaurant has been in Costa Mesa for almost 50 years – and in the most obscure location.  it’s downstairs from a giant Blockbuster.  no windows.  ancient elevator.  red accented lights.  brick walls.  cool staff.  my hub said that it has our kind of peeps.  I love it!  thanks baby!!

then tonight, we are hanging with a small group of friends.  at Silky’s.  our favorite local Irish pub.  I’ll have my photo taken with Silky the horse.   can’t wait!

what happened to you this week?  anything good?  love to hear!



6 thoughts on “hello late 30s…

  1. Didn’t know your birthday is on the 15th! My daughter too! Yay tax babies! Told her about The Cave, she’s wants to check it out. This week I tried Wayne Dyer’s “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change… guess what? it worked. Made it so much better to cope with life/work events. Keep the faith girl… with God all things are possible. Have a Fabulous Birthday!! xo 🙂

    • I love Wayne Dyer, Ledys!! smart man 🙂 Emancipation Day is on Monday…so tax day is extended to Tuesday 🙂 thanks for the well wishes! you are awesome xo

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! Your celebrations sound wonderful. And your description of La Cave got me interested to look it up – It’s now on our list to try out! And 19 vials of blood… I can’t even imagine. You are so strong and remain an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for sharing your experience, and so eloquently at that.

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