no, not looking for a new job!

yet.  😉

instead, I am inspired to put together a workshop for my work peeps.  this idea has been brewing for some time now.

turns out, we have had a rough go at things the last three years.  yeah.  lots of changes.  layoffs.

more work.  with smaller budgets.  fewer people.

but, we all continue to persevere!!  that is what is so cool about where I work!  there are a lot of incredibly loyal and awesome employees.

despite the perseverance, there is a low grade, frustrated, and communal depression that has settled over the company.

while being trained last year, I became incredibly motivated to make a difference at work.  ask my staff about the WWW (what went well) philosophy.  😉  I wanted to coach ‘corporate junkies’ to peak performance!

now, all I would love to do is make a difference in helping people feel better and be happier at work.  that’s all we have anyway – to feel good.  about who we are.  and what we do.  what we can each offer.  every one of us can do that!  every one has a right to feel good.

so today, I stepped back.

and saw things more clearly than I have in the last three years.

everyone is doing the best they can, with what she or he has, within the environment.  there are some really smart, fun, creative, and effort-full peeps at work!

so I mentioned my workshop idea to a work buddy today.  (though the content does not exist yet – ha!)  he said “yeah, yeah – you have to do it!  that is the only way things are going to change!”

but then my lizard-y thoughts started spiraling.

and I stopped her in her tracks.

I can do this.  not right this second.  but I have a million ideas rolling around in my head.  on how to improve the morale at work.  through ideas that don’t cost any money.  because they would come from within.

more mulling necessary.  but something is starting to germinate in my soul.  perhaps.  😉


ps.  it’s Friday, people!!


6 thoughts on “work-shopping.

  1. This is great news Erin!!. You have so much insight!! Please please try to recruit the other managers!! This virus is bad and it’s being spread rapidly. Let me know if I can be of help. How exciting is this!! Thank you! 🙂

  2. I agree with Ledy 100%! There is so many good positive things that managers can do to boost morale, they don’t have to cost money. A pat on the back every once in awhile does so much to a ego. Happy employee’s work harder and smarter:)

  3. Erin,
    The mere fact you have noticed and care about how people feel will ultimately help to create a better work atmosphere. By actually doing something to understand what people are thinking and ask them to contribute to the improvement process is huge. See I always said you were a person that cared about your “peeps”, now you are trying to do something that will help improve their lives and also increase productivity. You go girl! Wish I was still there to help you..

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