Monday meditation.

5:30 AM Monday morning. ugh – that’s early!

after a sleepless night. even more ugly! don’t you just hate that? when one’s monkey mind won’t shut down. or up!

woke up so frustrated. groggy. dis-oriented. foul mood. no cool dreams to recollect.

after hours of deep breathing. reading. lavender essential oil. listening to my Binaural Brainwave dreamy sleep ambient sounds. not even a meditation worked! until my hub was so restless with my restlessness, he turned on Mythbusters at 3:15. and we proceeded to laugh our a*ses off watching the Mythbusters plunge their hands in icy cold water to determine how they could keep a hand in icy, icy water the longest: by swearing. or by assigning substitute words for an expletive. (much better than knife home shopping shows my hub watches when he can’t sleep.)

then sleep eventually descended over us both before a busted/not busted conclusion was rendered. and then it was time to wake up at 5:30.

decided to do some self-coaching on the topic. since I was so frustrated with myself for not being able to rock a solid sleep last night.

here was my final reset this morning…

grateful that God gives me the opportunity to realign my thoughts into healthier, better feeling thoughts at any time – thoughts that are aligned with what I truly believe. I say when, how much, and how long I let my thoughts spiral out of control. I can watch them and decide what to do at any moment. it’s that easy.

note to self. keep doing this often. and set the intention tonight to sleep and remember my dreams. more wild animals, please…

what do you do when sleep evades? would love to hear your tips!!



2 thoughts on “Monday meditation.

    • haha! whatever works! Iast night when I could NOT sleep again!…I poured a tiny bit of wine, grabbed a bag of sweet and salty popcorn (gf!)…yum!…and relaxed into What the Walrus Knows. again. 🙂 it worked – I relaxed physically and eventually dropped into my dreams. 🙂

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