this week…I have been listening to recordings of my friend, Lori, coach me on inspiration.  yes, me!

what an amazing…intuitive listener she is!

what a treat!

I love laughing out loud at and with myself, as I listen to our sessions from a few months ago!

things are so obvious to me now listening to myself from the past!  it is so clear!  can’t wait to look back two months from now and laugh again.  😉

and observe the clarity.

today, I came home to a TARGET and some IMPACT.  courtesy of Lori.

love, love her art!  she inspires me!!  beautiful.

so…I will keep writing!  blog at this moment.  and script content at work.

BUT, my draft fiction piece is growing.  slowly.  and then quickly at times.  it is certainly evolving.  right now it feels too close to home.  so I’m stepping back for a second.  and that’s okay.  I’m getting used to being back in the trenches at work at the moment.

it’s been fun. despite the sleepless nights – ha!

who or what!  inspires you!?  would love to hear!



2 thoughts on “treats!

  1. You inspire me! That’s for sure!! I’m grateful we can do that for each other. And that we’ve had all the opportunities we’ve had. Cool to see how far we’ve come. Loved that part of this piece. It’s so true. There’s no EVER going back! Once we know, we can’t un-know. xo

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