is what I am after eating 2/3’s of a small gluten-free pizza!

(note:  my appetite has finally returned!)

inhaled my hub’s left-over Mastro’s steak he sent to work with me today.


that was a treat!

feels like all I eat these days consists of gluten-free zpizza, mexican food, omelets, chicken& rice (same diet as Monty sans the veggies), and fish.

I have officially realized that I don’t know how to put together variety when it comes to gluten-free.  I know I can’t eat the gluten – I thought I was going to die the week before last after one small piece of gluten-y pizza.

so I end up eating mostly out of a box now that I’m back at work.  this must change!

my girlfriend recommended I sign up for a local gluten-free cuisine class.

so I did!  I can’t wait.  but it’s not until July.  boo.

in the mean time, I need to will revive my green smoothies and blog post recipes.  the blender is on its way to catastrophic failure; I am close to sending it to retirement life.

as a follow-up to work-shopping…been thinking about starting a lunch time voluntary book club session at work – The Happiness Advantage – loved it.  simple.  easy pos psych tips.  things everyone at all levels can do to bring back the happy and motivation at work!

we will see.  still getting my groove on back in the office.  it’s been good.  my daily MS thoughts are turning into every other day thoughts.  oh wait, yeah, I still hate my nightly shots.  grrr.  still have buzzy legs, bit wonky when I’m tired, exhausted eyes, and the left arm pain comes and goes…but it’s all good!   joint pain is improving as well.

happy Friday, peeps!



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