today, finally I feel like I don’t have MS.


or I’m just getting used to it – ha!

I can now ignore my legs buzzing. and random bee sting shocks. wonky legs. fatigue. and right eye feeling like someone is yanking on it. from the inside.

instead, I choose to continue to strengthen my weak legs. and visualize my CNS healing. and, so it will be!

we have a new stationary spinning bike. so grateful! been riding it every day. feels so good!

the bike is starting to work>;>;>;for example…muscle loss courtesy of the big C and MS…in my right leg. muscle seems to be slowly re-growing. just like my hub’s Achilles tendon.

btw>;>;>;I could not stop laughing when he tried out the bike. with his left foot propped up on the back of the couch. cycling with his solo right foot. rock star! he has been amazingly strong through all this!!

bottom line. I have to take good care of myself. summer is approaching. all my flares have occurred in the summer. and this is going to be one hot summer!

so what will I do? relax. eat well. not stress. do my daily shots. not get sucked into negativity. not even close. btw>;>;>;last two weeks have been brilliant despite a couple sleepless nights!

being back at work, has been SO good for me! see work-a-holic post – ha! now I can do both. finally!

(note to self – remind myself of this frequently! and yes, I realize right now is not Monday at 5:26. in the AM!)

hope everyone is having a great Saturday. my hub and I have had a great day! and now off to watch the Muppets. one of my fave post-MS kid movies that we enjoyed. I don’t wanna cry any more than necessary!


PS. we almost came home with a second puppy today…if she’s still there next week…we may reconsider (ahem…two girls…what were we thinking?). she is so cute! we also liked #44. a boy. white lab mixed with something else. (love any number that adds up to 8). but he wasn’t ready to taken out for a walk. hmmm. we will both meditate on growing our family.



6 thoughts on “tidbits.

    • she was a cutie, that’s for sure! this pup knew what she was doing! though last night, we agreed we would wait until Tim is back to 100% before doggy #2!

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