more of the same…

still don’t feel like I have MS. two days in a row!


even after reading the quarterly issue of the National MS Society’s Momentum. which usually sets my anxiety on fire.

instead, I enjoyed learning about Nicole Lemelle’s successes! she is so inspiring! (and one of the first MS peeps to respond to my blog!) keep doing what you’re doing, Nicole!

and found myself fascinated by all the travel articles. including a safari in South Africa for folks that have some difficulty walking. hmmm. Africa on the brain for some time now. keeps showing up! I will get to Africa. one day.

nothing wiggled. huh.

so strange.

not scared anymore. of what the future holds. finally!

all in all, more inspired to help. aiming to do the Irvine MS Walk this coming weekend. it’s on my old uni stomping ground. I know that walk. to and from my melange of psychology, francais, women’s studies, poetry, WWII history, and political science classes. (yes, I had a hard time settling on any one thing – so I tried ’em all.)

I can do the walk. I did it every day for four years. not sure if the hub will join me. due to his Achilles. but we will see. at least Monty can come along!

…it took me seven months to get here! but I got here – yeah!! lucky seven.

so in honor, I bought a guitar this weekend. from Target. figured, I would start out small. not ukelele small. cost small. already took one lesson from my laptop. love it. it has taken up residence on our IKEA white leather recliner that I won on the Ellen DeGeneres show. I really did! well, won the gift card to purchase said recliner. it looks good there…gently leaning into the recliner. like it fits. 🙂

yikes. my fingers were bleeding after attempting to strum an E chord. interesting. but. oh…so inspired. tuned my own guitar today. yahoo! can’t wait to demonstrate to our rocker friend – ha! may need some help here, Big D!

also bought The Gluten-Free Bible – on the discount rack @ B&N. can’t wait to try flour-less PB cookies! neither can my hub.

what did you do this weekend – that was new and slightly uncomfortable? and get yer heads outta the gutter. 😉



2 thoughts on “more of the same…

  1. Ok, Africa has been showing up for me to. What’s up with that? Also, just bought a guitar on Groupon… cheap, small. Get it. Also bought the online lessons for a year for $10. Haven’t started yet, tho. Not sure I want to bleed. Have fun on the walk! LOVE that 7 means “completion.” So, yes, makes sense it’s been 7 for you. xo

    • must be in our nature… 🙂 Though I don’t think I can afford Martha’s Africa get-away @ the Londolozi!! yet. let me reframe that. 🙂 thanks for the Groupon tip! I finally mastered strumming an E chord tonight. I am so inspired. it is definitely a happy-maker. xox

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