love, love…

wow, another week has passed.

and it’s Friday again!  yahoo!

five and 1/2 weeks since I’ve been back at work.

and it keeps getting better!  I love being back.  still shocks me-ha!

it’s exhausting, yes, but I’m feeling incredible!!  still reeling from my appointment last week!  my body is catching up too.  🙂

sooo…yesterday morning a hummingbird showed up while I was walking in to work.

this little guy popped out of the bushes directly to my right as I was walking by!  it was so cool!  I almost squealed with delight!  but quickly remembered that I should maintain my corporate composure.  especially since I was talking and walking with a co-worker when this occurred – ha!

but the hummingbird knew I saw him.

so he hovered.  two feet away from me, at eye level.  and looked right at me.

it felt like God was close enough to reach out and touch me!

and then he ducked back in the bushes before my co-walker noticed something out of the ordinary.

another thing that’s been out the ordinary or not>>>I have been reading a new author, Jeannette Maw.

like crazy.  and listening to her over and over again as I drive to and from work.  inspiration 101!

I have discovered the beauty of pray rain journaling.  so cool.  and a great addition to my morning pages.  makes me smile just thinking about it!

it was Ms. Maw that helped me get through my mega blood draw last month after reading her blog on my iPhone.  (may have all ready shared this!)>>>I said out loud to my husband while we were waiting, “I can’t wait to have eighteen (unknown at that time it would be nineteen) vials of blood drawn!”  we couldn’t NOT laugh.  and it made all the difference.  🙂

here I digress…so June is shaping up to be a busy month all ready!

and it’s not even June!

we have my Dad coming in for four nights.  and then our super-smart-live-in-most-moments buddy from Chicago, who currently lives in Atlanta…for another long weekend!  (ahem, I’d like some female visitors, please!  🙂

plus, I’m going to finish the first draft of my novel by end of June!  that’s a lofty goal.  eeek!  I came up with a new idea on the way in to work today.  huh.  must go write.  now.

ooooh…but back to May.  the hub and I have a mini-break coming up.  can’t wait!  and the hub is kicking the boot to the curb next week.  yeah!  he was a rock-star doing two miles last weekend for Walk MS!  thank you to my friends for donating!!  official thank you cards on the agenda for this weekend!  it was fantastic!

what have you loved this week?  I would love to hear!



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