summer is coming…

…Monty just dragged us outside so she could pee. plus some. poor doggy!

unusual behavior for me: I jumped at the chance to take her downstairs when it was clear that she needed to go.

felt so good to get outside. cool air = good. grateful that the puppers grabbed the hub too. there are coyotes everywhere at night where we live. and sure enough, my hub saw one in the distance.

it’s been so warm the past few days. feels so warm to me @ 75 degrees. ha!

me – one of those women who is was permanently cold.

no more. since MS joined the party. ugh! this was my first reminder in the last two weeks.

my legs are on fire. and buzzing like a banshee.

and it’s only 59 degrees right now!

I have to be honest and say this development is making me a tad nervous with what is predicted to be one HOT summer on the horizon. and no a/c in our condo! sidebar>;>;>;heat exacerbates symptoms.

huh. an a/c install might need to be added to the horizon.

cripey. I was so looking forward to a peace-full summer. but, that’s not to say it won’t happen.

I will remain optimistic!

just needed to vent while my legs settle down. did that work? um. yeah. sure. in slo-mo.

more later.

what were you doing @ 3AM Pacific Time?



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