my hub and I made a yum-o dinner last night. I love it when we make dinner together! (corn quesadillas stuffed with brie, salami, and kale.) good leftovers for lunch today!

after we finished eating…or actually while we were eating, I checked my email and FB page. (my hub was focused on watching the AMGEN Tour of California while I surfed.)

as I was spooling through FB, I experienced something I have not experienced in quite some time: envy.

envy – what a lovely emotion! it’s so valuable, huh? very attractive too!

ummm, no. quite the opposite in fact!

why compare oneself to others? each of us is flat-out different from everyone ELSE out there. period.

so how did the envy show up?

one more

of my fellow life coach colleagues announced she had just received her certification! yeah for her!!

not so yeah for me, or not so yeah for me once I twisted it up.

enter the following thoughts…

stupid MS, why’d you have to show up and cut my training short by four weeks? I would be certified by now if you hadn’t taken up so much of my time.

immediately followed by…

I should have done my pro-bono hours before MS showed up

which dissolved into…

I’m not good enough. which raced around for a minute.

until I stopped the spiraling. (I love that this is ALWAYS an option!)

and turned it around to…

I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now. and doing a much better job than I ever have when it comes to taking care of my health. on all fronts. as a result of MS showing up.

that feels a heck of a lot better than the preceding rapid fire thoughts.

after working through this, I felt a wave of peace wash over me. and that felt even better.



8 thoughts on “peace.

    • sorry to hear that Nicole… hope you were able to work your way out of it…you are amazing and I know you will do it…if not all ready! all the best to you~

  1. God’s timing isn’t necessarily our own. Got to ride the wave we’re on…those new thoughts are the equivalent of getting a new, very cute surfboard! I do the same thing with my thoughts, my very small-minded brain thinks that’s clever but it is really immature. The grown up thoughts are wise and valuable! They have staying power and will eventually mesh with God’s timing. XO

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