what next?

this is a question that has been weighing on me. for months.

no, the last three years.

correction: most of my adult life.

unfortunately, I am not in the possession of a crystal ball. darn it! that would make things so much easier.

(but who wants easy? that’s the whole point, isn’t it?)

nor have I finessed my clairvoyant skills to perfection. huh.

have tried a psychic. once or twice. in hopes of answers about which way to go.

to my amazement there are peeps that can actually see things that are unseen to the masses. freaks me out a little bit! but sure piques my curiosity.

but, my mind always races for something new. and forward-thinking.

all the time.

not a day goes by when I’m not looking forward. and wondering what if? and how long will what is, persist? (good and bad.)

who am I? what is up next? always at the top of my thoughts.

do I take this class next? or that class? or take them all at once? the one that is most frustrating: what book should I read next? ha!

so…here is my current list (being a planner by nature, this helps):

  • another session of UCI’s memoir, fact or fiction extension course. this is a late night class, so I have to balance with my sleep requirement.
  • Myers-Briggs certification. can do this online. but also lots of hours.
  • good vibe academy training. I love LOA. I get it. note to self: lots of time. more hours than the preceding two items.

(my hub says that I swing between the practical, rational, and corporate type. and the woo-woo, hippie, and new age vibe – which really isn’t all that new, if one takes a closer look.)

I digress.

  • finish up my pro-bono Martha Beck hours.
  • followed by MB certification. not to be confused with Myers-Briggs.
  • master’s degree in Psychology. do I do Positive Psychology? or Transpersonal Psych? huh.
  • learn how to master gluten-free cooking.
  • and play the guitar.
  • perfect the perfect tree pose.
  • finish writing my books.
  • volunteer at the HB art center.
  • and local animal shelter.

where is the time? to do all this, and manage my health. geesh!

when all I need to do is sit with my thoughts. and breathe. do some nothing.


and allow the priorities to align.

then everything becomes clear.



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