really digging the returning to school concept.  I like the idea of my name, followed by an M and an A.


had a call today with one school.

and they interviewed me.  was not expecting that!

very inspired.

but…for all practical purposes…timing must be considered.  finances.  and the weekly hourly commitment.

that’s all.

so, how is your week going?  I would love to know!


PS.  know a cheap guitar instructor?  my beauty is still silently resting on the white leather recliner.

PPS.  realize I’ve been a bit off the blog lately, but that’s okay.  I’ll get back on.  I miss my dialogues.  been working on them in my psy-chick-lit novel instead.

PPPS.  ok…I’ll go completely off topic here.  cool dream over the past weekend.  full of animals.  loved it.  Saturday night, I dreamt of a family of seals, a polar bear, and a killer whale.  all on the same buoy.  off the coast in Huntington Beach.  really cool meanings.   again.   really cool.  goose-bumps galore.  so relevant for where I am in my life.  and I have never read up on any of the preceding totem animals until after I dreamed of them.  crazy.  last week I was visited by a talking hippo.  (in a dream, yes.)  wonder who is going to show up tonight.  😉


2 thoughts on “fyi…

    • thanks, Lori!!! psychology – methinks! must be the case. 🙂 hummingbirds have been a-visiting frequently in life. and coyotes. miss you! xo

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