in my shoes…

I’m not going to lie.

I have a huge shoe problem…if one can even call THAT a problem…!

I love, love my shoe collection.

which at this point, reaches the top of my closet.

sidebar>>>sisters…nieces…you will have to share evenly… 😉

I love that I forget the shoes that I own!  what a happy surprise when I discover a pair that I have not seen in five years!

all my shoes are in their original boxes…and organized by style:  boots, work shoes, summer shoes, Uggs, flats, clogs, Crocs, going out shoes (my faves!), casual shoes, crocs, tennie’s…the list goes on.

once in a while, I send them tumbling while deftly attempting to sneak out a box from a lower level.

laughing as it starts raining shoes!

my hub finds my obsession amusing.

whatever makes you happy baby, is his usual reply when I sheepishly explain that I came home with four pairs of new shoes.  all on sale! I happily sing.

favorite shoes of all time:  my wedding shoes.

they are beautiful.  and in a safe spot to prevent a tumbling incident.

once a year, I pull them out, just to admire the smooth, silky opalescent lines…perfect pointy toes…three inch heels…leather soles.   I love, love them.  and what a steal!  they were marked off 60% at!  for Vera Wang that is amazing!

oh, if I could run a Zappos call center, I would be in utter heaven! Tony Hsieh knows what he’s doing.

coming up on the one year admiration…seven years next month for us!!  oh yeah…and seven years since the hub and I have been married….ha! 😉

what a difference shoes can make…

even though I have a tendency to walk a bit wonky …at least I do it in style!

how do you treat yourself?  I would love to hear!



4 thoughts on “in my shoes…

  1. LOL – I never knew you loved shoes so much – like Carrie in SATC! It’s funny you mention Zappos. They just took our management team to a tour of their headquarters in Vegas a few weeks ago and I was utterly in AWE of their operation. It was the coolest workplace I think I’ve ever step foot into… and the employees are definitely all drinking the kool-aid; they love it there! I was half tempted to ask for a job application myself – yet I think I would not make it past the first cut for not having the requisite number of tattoos, piercings, and wild hair colors. 🙂 Tony has definitely found a niche and is owning it – so awesome for him.

    Happy 7 year anniversary too!! Can’t believe it, already! Hope you have something fun planned. Enjoy. 🙂

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