every day…matters!

yesterday I entered the MS Society contest, Every Day Matters…yikes!

not sure my application was accepted as I did not receive an email confirmation – ha!

but decided to leave it up to the Universe to ensure it was.

if it is supposed to happen, it will.

so after a surge of excitement yesterday that I could win, I started overthinking the prospect of winning vs. not winning.  typical behavior of which I have reached the expert level.

until it hit me this morning while driving to work, with my music pumping (for once!) that I can do something even if I am not selected as a finalist…!


so I have a new goal to document how I make every day matter.  because it has to matter!  there’s no other choice but to make every day the best day possible.

yes, yes, there are things beyond one’s control.  but it’s how one processes events beyond one’s control.

when it’s clean pain, I cry.  and mourn.  until it evaporates into remembering the joy of the experience.

when it’s dirty pain, I deconstruct the thoughts that are contributing to the dirty pain.

when there’s nothing, I make nothing into something better!

when it’s better, I keep the better riding up front!

so today…and yesterday…I’m still riding up front from celebrating Father’s Day with my Dad – how cool is that?

I haven’t celebrated Dad’s Day with my Dad for AGES!  umm…I’m talking probably at least 25ish years?

he and I have made huge strides in our relationship.  gigantic leaps in the last two years.  lots of work on both sides.

clarity.  forgiveness.  acceptance.  understanding.

and for that I am ever SO grateful!  I knew that one day I would arrive here. yeah!

even my hub pointed out how I quickly reset when feelings of envy of what I missed growing up started to surface.

the hub said he could visibly see my body relax when he knew I had let it go …and as a result…we all relaxed…how cool is that!?

in that exact moment, I realized in some part of my soul that every day matters.

unfortunately, I didn’t hit this official epiphany until this morning.  post contest entry.  ha!

nonetheless, I’m cool with that.  my hub says my entry is pretty good.  my piece details what has been left undone as a result of MS joining the party.

winner or not, from here on out, I’m going to document how I make every day matter.

today, I wrote this blog.

love you, Dad.

sidebar>>the hub says now he knows where I came from; I’m just like you, Dad.

and that is so cool.  🙂

what do you do to make every day matter?



4 thoughts on “every day…matters!

  1. Thanks for another inspiring post, Erin! Each morning I spend some time in my cozy recliner where I can look out our picture window at the lake. I enjoy this peaceful time of prayer & meditation. I give thanks for my serene home on the lake, with family all around. Life is sooo good. Is it perfect? No. Is it perfectly as it’s meant to be? Yes!

    Thanks for deepening my morning reflection today. You’ve inspired my day.

    Bless you, Erin!

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