hard limits.

so…I have to admit that I finished Fifty Shades of Grey a couple nights ago…

yes, that’s right, I recognize the writing could use some help.

and yeah, I know it could be classified as smut.  if that is indeed an official genre.  actually embarrassed to even write that I read it!  yep, I come from Puritanical ancestry…

uh huh…it centers around S&M.

(which horrified the author’s hub from what I understand.  😉  which kinda makes me giggle.)

I love that the author had (has?) a whole other life going on in her head.

then I thought about it…is the book just about s*x?

well, yes.

but there’s a story in there.

that ends up circling around the concept of establishing hard limits.

this concept is somewhat new to me.  seriously.

not the kind of hard limits in the book.

but hard limits in life.

limits to take care of one’s self.  and establish one’s boundaries.  in a variety of venues.

this is something that I struggle with myself on a daily basis.  kinda like Anastasia (for those of you in the know… 😉  yup, I talk to and argue with my inner goddess on a daily basis.  every woman has one… 🙂

but I have to set hard limits now that what has happened, has happened.

to protect myself from letting negativity in and blaming myself.  and contain myself from dumping my emotions all over everyone around me.

but is’s a fine line which falls into many grey areas.

hard limits = empowerment.  in my book.

here is my personal definition of hard vs. soft limits.  both types are good.  but can also be bad…depending on the circumstance.

hard limit – something that is non-negotiable.  respect for oneself.

soft limit – something that can be compromised or negotiated.  or released.

interesting to ponder.

I have the second and third Fifty books to read after I finish The Four Hour Work Week.  huh.  my real life must be crossing the wires…as it probably took me four hours to finish Fifty during a fifty hour work week.  😉

bit of a ramble tonight!

inspiration struck on the way into work today while listening to U2’s Beautiful Day – love, love that song.

must listen to more music while driving.  it moves me.  to action.

what are your hard limits in life?  I would love to hear!  PG-13, please.  😉


ps.  made it into round two of Everyday Matters.  official title:  Everyday Matters.  yesterday I realized that I had converted the title into Every Day Matters – which has a totally different meaning to me than Everyday Matters.  just sayin’.  😉


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