what up, G?

have you ever taken the mental plunge to learn something new…

something that you were plugged into believing you would never be capable of learning?

I’m sure you have!

every person I know shares this experience! tell me where I’m wrong. 🙂

but then…the following surfaces…

oh, no, I could never do that. while a mental image from 3rd grade surfaces in the background.

for me, it was speaking in public (I was too shy).

and learning a musical instrument (I didn’t have the ear).

oh, and there was learning French (I never could do the accent). we’ll save Francais for another episode. 😉

now that I’m in my late 30s (eek! 😉 I have realized that the goal is really getting past the fear factor.

but, it still creeps in…what if ‘they’ were right? and I actually do suck at it!

I don’t want that to happen, so I won’t do anything at all! how many of you have done that!? I have!

often it takes years to get over the fear! for some. others (I envy) pursue with a reckless confidence!

so…what does one do when faced with something one always wanted, but never pursued?


that’s what I did with my intense fear of public speaking.

that I experienced since the 3rd grade when I had to read a poem in front of a class of forty. I can even remember my jiggly, nerve-y belly from when I was 7!

until I got over it. by forcing myself into situations, where I had to try it!

there is no doing, without doing!

so I pursued it.

I remember my first training class that I facilitated at work in 1997. the laser pointer was more like a laser light show than a precise point on the overhead!

crikey, I was SO nervous!! I laugh when I think back to that first training class after I had decided that I wanted to do more – so I did more!

it took me probably six months of facilitating training classes before I finally leaned into it. and enjoyed it!

before I knew it, I was conducting hour and a half long sessions with Executives.

those sessions landed me in a presentation for 150 people after nine months. yikes. that was nerve-wracking to the max.

but I got over it!

so…I have a new guitar, courtesy of Target. well, not a freebie. but a good deal. I eyeballed it for a good two months, while it gently rested on the white recliner in our living room. what if you can’t do it? my lizard brain hollered at me.

but then, I reset: I wanted to learn to play for YEARS!

ever since I fell in love with Zeppelin.

in 9th grade. and then the Stones. also 9th grade. yup, I was half a hippie back then too. except for my Aqua Net lacquered hair! ha!

so I have started taking lessons from my bud, Mac. turtle steps, beginning with tuning.

but felt like I needed human involvement after fiddling with an E chord for two weeks.

so my help arrived last night from our buddy from Chicago, via, Atlanta. I received my first guitar lesson – yeah!


what a difference that made!

I definitely will sign up for a class after he leaves tomorrow.

homework assignment for tonight. get the G chord.

I got it.

I love strumming. it’s hard, it hurts, and I suck at it. but the only way I will get better is if I keep practicing.

plus it’s good for my super stiff and twisted fingers. 😉

what have you tried that has scared the sh*t out of you?? I would love to hear the courage!



4 thoughts on “what up, G?

  1. Rich Gesell
    I am reminded of a story way back in my career.

    I was a District Parts Manager for Worldwide Volkswagen Porsche-Audi with several years experience under my belt, when I was offered a promotion to become a “Zone Operations Manager” (District Sales Manager). After accepting the offer my “New” boss advised me “The company plane would pick me up on Monday morning and fly me along with two other ZOM’s to a Massena New York dealership to help salvage a failing operation.
    Well I know this all sounds exciting, but there was one thing I failed to mention, I had a Morbid Fear of flying !! At the age of 36 (then), I had successfully avoided ever getting on any kind of an airplane that was ever intending to leave the ground with me on it ! So my decision would obviously affect my future with the company, and of course the rest of my life. That was a difficult weekend as I pondered my fate, take the flight and advance my career (with the risk of dying in a fiery air tragedy), or stay within my comfort zone and resume my old position as a “Driving” DPM..
    Well along came Monday, and there I was @ the local airport in Oneonta, NY awaiting the “King Air’s” arrival. As I watched the plane land, my Wife and Daughter @ my side, my fear somehow subsided, and I knew I would get on the plane and it would be the beginning of the greatest adventure of my life and the beginning of my upward movement in the industry.
    The first thing I learned was what used to take me 5 hours of mindless driving only took 50 minutes via “Air” ! The rest is history. I was able to move through the ranks into middle management and spent another 10 years with VW until that fateful day I accepted the position of “Regional Parts Manager” for MMNA. Little did I ever know that I would log over “1.5 Million” air miles before I hung up my “Spurs” four years ago when I retired after nearly 20 years with MMNA. I do believe that the Lord has a plan for all of us !

    • Rich, thank you for sharing your story!! I love it!! never know until you take the leap, huh?! or take flight…! wow! 1.5 million miles?? cool. you probably can fly free for the rest of your life! 🙂

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