bloomin’ peacock.

my girlfriend and I walked through Irvine Regional Park this morning while my hub and his buds biked off-road.

I love this park! it is a piece of the wild in the OC.

for starters, there are a bunch of stabled horses. tails flicking the heat (and flies) away.

okay, okay, not so wild. but very impressive. and in typical OC fashion, they turned noses away at the stale straw I offered.

(note to selves, as discussed…next time we do this, we are bringing treats!)

brave bunnies. darting across the bike trails.

and then wild peacocks and peahens. strutting their stuff.

everywhere! in their full royal costume.

I knew this going in as I have been to the park quite a few times. when I used to ride. before what happened last year. you know, after I fell off my bike. ha!

I have always loved the peacocks – come on – really? the boys get all the majesty?

turns out it is the peahens who have all the power. 😉

before we embarked upon our walk, I set the intention to find a peacock feather. seriously.

and see a peacock bloom. yep, that too.

after spending some quality time with the horses, we round a corner and come across a peacock, up close. gorgeous. stunning. glistening.

of course, I put my camera away by the time we came across this guy. foiled!

I greedily eyed his cascading three-foot long feathers. drop one, will ya? and show ’em off first? I mentally pleaded.

and then quickly realized how grabby I was for something that I could not control. so I turned away, and shook it off. mentally.

and then my eyes land on a coppery feather about a foot long. I walk over for closer inspection.

do you think this came from him? I ask my girlfriend.

I don’t know. maybe.

I pick it up. quill quality. and returned to the peacock.

I notice an identical flock of feathers on his side. that don’t match his blue vibe. I hold the feather up in front of me to gauge if this came from him.

color match. exactly.

yep, this is a peacock feather. yeah!

we continue on our walk, and notice two more peacocks in front of us. one of them heads straight for us, and looks like queen victoria, with his train following him as he waddles.

but we then quickly direct our attention to a third peacock nosing a nearby stable.

in full bloom!

one of the the coolest things I have ever seen – never seen the peacock fan before.

this birdie could not be more proud of his accomplishment. vigorously fluttering his copper and indigo tail feathers underneath his self-erected (ha!) canopy.


the nearby peahen just ignored him, after he turned around and around for her as if he was on a rotating pedestal in a Bloomingdales window on 5th Ave.

darn. still no camera. but all we could do is watch this bird for ten minutes in total oneness with what was going on.

and then he slowly deflated his bloom after realizing that the hen was no where to be found. poor guy. better luck next time.

so cool!

today was a good lesson in NOT being attached to an outcome. (I have been testing this theory quite a bit lately.)

it worked beautifully, literally. as soon as I let it go. what I wanted. happened. not so much for the peacock though!

what has happened for you, once you have let go of something? I would love to hear!!

PS. note to self, I have tried this ‘letting go’ before checking a lottery ticket. but the thought, this will be THE winner! always seems to edge in there right before I check the winning numbers! so we never win. ha!


letting go…


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