happy 4th of July!

my father-in-law’s favorite holiday.

miss you, Jerry!

and I never even had the privilege of meeting you.

but I am blessed to know you through your son.   your daughters.  and my mother-in-law.

thank you, God, for bringing my amazing hub to me!

poof…that just made me tear up, writing all that!

on to happier topics!  wait, those were clean tears.  those are just fine!

so, today, I received an email that I was NOT selected for Every Day Matters.

disappointment galore.

before my thoughts turned to stinky thoughts…

I took a shower, and washed off my self-deprecating thoughts.  and what was not meant to be.

and emerged renewed.

I asked myself…what is perfect about this development?


it gives me more time outside of work to pursue other things that interest me!

such as…the class on EFT that I signed up for last weekend.

…and the online course for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) certification!

(well, haven’t signed up for that one yet…but now I will for sure!)

reread my life coaching materials…

oh, and keep writing!


better feeling thoughts – always the goal.  in my book.

thoughts create emotion.

emotion creates action.  or in-action.  or new action.

what do you do with your thoughts?  I would love to hear!

hope you have a wonderful day of independence!  😉



2 thoughts on “independence.

  1. What do I do with my thoughts? I check in with my body. If they feel icky, I simply say
    “Any thought that brings me (unnecessary) pain is somehow a lie”. I give myself permission to feel the disappointment, and I breathe through the feeling. But I don’t add any commentary that might hurt me. So far so good. xx

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