first draft drama.

scene:  night-time.  sloppy, single bedroom apartment.  lit by a lone soft red light.  front door thrown open.  coffee table smothered in disorganized mags. and an ashtray overstuffed with cigarettes.  one firefighter.  Anya.  and the Tate.  in his firefighting garb.  the air is thick.  with remnants of a personal struggle.


“You, my lovely, need someone to take better care of you,” he says and taps my nose as I look up into his eyes. 

I blink and one last tear rolls down my right cheek.

The reality of what just happened suddenly snaps to the front of my foggy attention, and I revert to the immediate problem at hand.  

“Oh sh*t, did I tell you?  Jill has MS.”   

“We know.  While I was keeping an eye on you after you passed out, the other guys found her emergency bracelet.  Not that she needs one for MS.  But I suppose it never hurts.”  

“That’s my Jill-ie,” I reply.

c. 2012, erin


ugh, I hate, hate it!

posting an excerpt from what I have all ready written sure has unleashed my harsh inner lizard critic (her name is Gertrude.  Gertrude likes to voice her opinions at the most inopportune times!)

but if I don’t do it, I won’t do it! make sense Gertrude?  ha! (I get to smack her on the nose when she starts to wail.)

sorry peeps, this might become a new nasty habit.

though I found that as I just CTRLed + C and CTRLed + V>>>I Gertrude wanted to rewrite, edit, and revise entirely.

but.  I’m not allowing myself to edit.

otherwise, I will never finish it!  hush, Gertrude!

so this is straight from my first draft of the full monty or call of the mild.  haven’t settled on a title yet.

I’ll see how it plays out.  and then decide.  I have written myself into a circle with what I have.  so I will just rip it apart and put the sheets back together… after I’m done with my first draft.  🙂



8 thoughts on “first draft drama.

  1. Ok, so I’m not sure I’m supposed to say I’m proud of you. Because that sets up some kind of dependence. But it seems SO appropriate! To see you step into the fullness of all you are and go public. I COULDN’T be prouder of you!! I love this process and the way you have become so transparent and open. Much feel ultimately so freeing! After all, there’s nothing really to fear. You’ve gone there. And you survived! Amazing. xo

  2. 1. I was so embarrassed when I got to the “ugh, I hate it ” part because I was engrossed and enjoying the writing. Now I have to talk myself out of thinking I have bad taste:) I’m already in love with the Tate for god’s sake. Good name btw.
    2. Ditto Lori’s comments. Bravery is everything and I admire how much you have it.
    3. You are SO SMART (and disciplined) not to edit — that’s what “everyone” (a good everyone) says and in my experience it’s true. Aside from giving lizards free rein it’s just a huge time sink and prevents me from getting any quantity at all down on paper.

    • I love that you love the Tate – I love him too. 🙂 can’t wait to bring him out. he is a keeper. I am going to strike through my ‘ugh’ – good point. we will see if I can stick to my high hopes of NOT editing. no need to give the lizard her stage…!
      ps>>you are amazing. xox

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