a pain in the neck. not!

neuro visit #4… for my cervical spinal cord MRI results today.

a slew of thoughts, emotions, and feelings always descend any time the MS topic is on the table. especially when there is a professional at the helm. and a novice researcher on the poop deck. (that would be me, btw.)

with this MRI…I can officially say to my last two neuros, “see, look right there, I told you so...!” if they are even interested. Gertrude was proud. ha!

so…turns out, I have a handful of inactive (yeah!) lesions on my spinal cord in this area. between C4-6 and then a smattering around my Thoracic spinal cord.

oh, and then a few on my brain stem.

uh huh. the part of the brain that mostly regulates all autonomic body functions. huh. fantastic.

eeek. how freaky is that? that is what mostly threw me for a loop today.

but, now I know why I have been having so many strange sensations and other bizarre things show up over the last three years. it’s right there. in black and white.

get this>;>;>;I even have had olfactory issues as a result of the brain stem lesions. things don’t smell or taste like I know they should smell. weird. that showed up in 2006. crazy.

my hub has to be so tired of me asking him if what I’m drinking or eating tastes like formaldehyde. in his opinion. huh. maybe that’s how I lost eight pounds over the last ten months?! nothing tastes good anymore! (don’t worry, I have been working on gaining some weight back – and I’m up four pounds now. and stopping here. 😉

also got the blood test results from the 27 vials of blood drawn in April…or was it 28?

results in: I officially have MS. and that’s it.

nothing else is wrong with me. I don’t have lead, arsenic, or mercury poisoning. or an anti-coagulant issue. or LUPUS. or HIV. or any other auto-immune disorder known to woman. I’m not deficient in a variety of vitamins. my glucose is not out of whack. nor do I have ALS. everything is within ‘range.’ and…my WBC count seems to be settling down – that is so GOOD! my lymph nodes are no longer the size of marbles. ha!

all of the above…a huge YEAH!

so, all I have is MS. that is SO cool. I’ll take it. back in 2005, MS was the optimal disease on the table. so that’s what I got. phew!

(sidebar>;>;careful for what you hope and wish will happen to you. it might just happen.)

today was a great day. it really was.

every day matters. pay attention to one’s thoughts. and, take care of you!! be kind to your body and soul. you are the only one in control of that. 🙂


ps. the doc said that after I have my brain MRI in September…and after BG12 has been approved by the FDA…and out in the market for six months…he will switch me to the oral disease modifying drug if I want. LOVE it! the daily injections are wreaking havoc on my body (but I don’t care…uh huh. right.) he said I’ll be in line behind 3,000,000 other people. in the world.

pps. have a GREAT weekend. the hub and I are celebrating our seven-year wedding anniversary tomorrow night! love it. love him. love us!


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