what connotations does the above bring to the surface for you? I would love to hear!

see…I seem to have self-inflicted my over-commitment for too many things that I love…last year was for SURE…my year of over-committment x10! stress exacerbates MS flares. turns out.

here is where I still over-commit…

a. my work ethic in my corporate life. do I love that? hmmm. yes. maybe. yes. depends what we’re discussing. or what problems are on the table. and how interesting either are. ha! just kidding. work these days is full of emails. for everyone. who else is lost in email city? I try to encourage my work peeps NOT to email. but sometimes…it’s just easier…I suppose…until the replies and replies-to-all stack up….and then one is trying to figure out where to jump back on the train. or press DELETE. without uncovering the CYA. ok. getting off topic here! I will return to my list.

b. time with my husband. he might beg to differ. on occasion. but he’s an effort-null focus point for me. done. 🙂 easy-peasy.

c. my quest for LEARNing. MS might also attempt to beg to differ on that one. but I will rebuttal (is that even a verb?). huh. maybe MS got me on that one. ha!

d. my time. no brainer. that’s a given. now. I will always make time for me. even if it’s only 15 minutes a day (this I did not do at all last year!). I’m the only one who can control that. call me selfish. maybe. but who else will watch out for me, but me? maybe my hub…(I can all ready feel his eyes rolling at that comment 🙂

e. writing. see #d. (btw, that always cracks me up when peeps write # before a letter in an address!). even my writing has a priority scale. i.e,. my morning pages and blog have preceded fiction (and reading!) on the priority list. not sure what to do about my blog. huh. 😉 I have an idea…

not sure where this post is going, but it is spilling out. I am officially in pursuit of learning EFT. classes started last night. all good. I love it. it works. so letter c is temporarily at the top of the priority list. well, ahem, A is always there.

then the next thing I know I will love – MBTI certification training – begins next week. ~40 hours. in 60 days. I can do that. whilst working 10 hours a day. not including travel time. but I will give it a go. and at the same time as EFT training.

hmmm…maybe I’m procrastinating writing my book. ya think? 😉 as my coach friends might want to say…I have a hunch, that you’re too busy being busy to write your book? tell me where I’m wrong. and is that true? 😉

ummm. I can’t be absolutely sure it’s true. but, you might be getting warmer. 🙂

so…where does this leave my fiction: on a slight hiatus before I repost excerpts from my book(s). EFT and MBTI…calls…for the next eight weeks.

and then Anya, Jill, and the Tate will be back on the scene.

keep y’all posted!

how do you prioritize your time?

PS. I can’t wait to see what those crazy kids are up to.



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